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How to get rid of booklice

Information, facts and resources to help you deal with an infestation of booklice and, if the worst happens, how to destroy the book lice and prevent this household pests return.


What do Weevils look like?


Weevil (Clover leaf weevil)

Weevils Description

  • Weevils are small beatles, usually less than 6 mm in length. Weevils are plant eaters. Due to the shape of the weevils head, weevils are sometimes called snout beetles. Weevils can often further be identified by their distinctly "elbowed" antennae.
  • The larval stage of weevils is usually a small white or yellow grub, which feed on roots, seeds, stems of plants and can be found in house plants and in the garden. Weevils are a significant agricultural pest attacking farmers cash crops.

Where do Weevils live?

  • Weevils are herbivourous and feed on plant matter - they are therefore often found in the home in dry foods, particularly flour.
  • Weevils are also found in grain stores and cotton bales.
  • Weevils in the home may be found in dried grain, nuts, flour, cereal and seeds.
  • Weevils feed on and may be found in house plants and weevils are a significant garden pest attacking a number of food plants.

What are the signs of Weevils infestation?

  • Weevils can be seen in dried foods like flour when an undisturbed bag is opened. Weevils may also be known to be present if the flour or other powdered cereal or dried food sticks together in strands as if attached to an invisible cobweb.

What do Weevils eat?

  • Weevils in the home eat dried plant material, particularly flour, dried cereal and dries nuts and seeds.

Why must Weevils be controlled?

  • Weevils, if eaten can cause very unpleasant diseases and infections and are known to carry and pasws to humans the E. Coli infection.
  • Weevils spoil and contaminate food.

How can I get rid of Weevils?

  • If you find weevils, you will need to completely empty pantries, cupboards, storage jars and boxes.
  • Clean out the cupboards, throw away all possibly infected food, clean cupboards with a disinfectant and allow to dry and then treat with an insecticide.
  • Weevils cannot live in a vaccuum, so if you have a recurring problem with weevils, or you want to be sure they won't get into your foodstuffs keep flour and other dried, powdery foods in airtight containers. Snap-lock seals or tightly screwed lids are an effective barrier.
  • Consider not buying and storing large amounts of dried foodstuffs that will sit in the same place undisturbed. By buying and quickly using small amounts of flour, for example, you will lessen the chance of weevils (or any other pest) getting established.
  • Remember disinfectants and pesticides to exterminate weevils and other household pests can be poisonous to children and pets. After use store container and contents away from children, or dispose of empty containers safely.

How can I prevent Weevils from returning?

  • Good hygiene.
  • Buy just what you need and use quickly.
  • Store foodstuffs, especially flour and other dried powdery food in airtight containers.

Weevils Poisons and Weevils Pesticides

  • Suitable products can be purchased from hardware shops and garden centres to extermine weevils.
  • It is essential to purchase the correct product as treatment for weevils is likely to take place in areas where food is stored.
  • Remember pesticides can be poisonous to children and pets. After use store container and contents away from children, or dispose of empty containers safely.

The "Green Option" - Environmentally friendly control of Weevils

  • Prevention of weevil infestation in the first place will be the best method.
  • Store susceptible food such as flour in air-tight containers.
  • Don't store food like flour for months on end, buy what you need aws you go along and use it.
  • If an infestation of weevils is discovered, destroy the infested products and practice a zero tolerance policy towards these annoying household pests.

Weevils : Household Pests

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