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How to get rid of (and prevent) common household pests and home infestations

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How to Get Rid Of and Prevent Household Pests and Home Infestations

Information, facts and resources to help you deal with an infestation of household pests and, if the worst happens, how to destroy them and prevent the household pests return.

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NOTE - This resource seems to be down - let me know if it can still be accessed, please - http://creatures.ifas.ufl.edu/main/search_common.htm - Pests at University of Florida - No, I don't mean the students. This is the University of Florida's Featured Creatures Search Page from the Department of Entomology and Nematology. If it's not in the list, it probably isn't a pest (I couldn't find students).

Gallery of Household Pests, Insects, Birds, Animals, Rodents - Ticks, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, roaches, spiders, ants, molecrickets, powderpost beetles, rodents, birds, wildlife and other household pests!

Extermine.Com Pests on the Web : Household Pests

Extermine common household pests; control and eradication information - online eradication of household pests!

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